This post is part of a set of three covering how the Global aspect of online course creation differs from face to face training. There are eighteen Key Differences in total, with three in each set covering: Global, Absence, Passive, Rapport, Engagement and Motivation.

Your niche is who you serve and how you serve them. So far, so what, right?! And as a trainer I’m sure that you have some kind of specialism and some way of understanding who your principal target audience is. If you have got ‘anybody’ or ‘everybody’ in the wording there somewhere, then it’s not quite ‘niched’ enough for an online context!

Having a niche in itself is not a key difference, but when considered in the context of your potential audience, it could be. Let’s say you’re a sales trainer – perhaps you specialise in a particular type of sales training such as telephone sales. As it happens, I know the number one telephone sales trainer in the UK, so let’s imagine you’re her!

You know who your closest competitors are, you’ve established a solid and loyal client base and you’re consistent with your marketing efforts to bring in new leads. You do all of this in the UK.

Grid biggerNow imagine setting up online versions of your most popular training courses and opening them up to a global audience. All of a sudden, your potential market has grown massively. But so has your competition …

In fact, in some ways your competition has grown by more than just the other telephone sales specialists in the world. It’s a funny quirk of online, but instead of one online course being compared to another online course, they tend to be compared to all the possible ways of achieving the same solution (i.e. books, articles, blogs, face to face courses, conferences, seminars … etc.). The same thing doesn’t tend to happen with face to face courses!

So while having a niche is not different, potentially your niche needs to be much more refined for a global online course audience – what, in particular, makes you a better fit for your target audience than someone perhaps of the same nationality as them?

For some people this is enough to make them want to close off the global potential – but if you have big dreams, then dream big and remember to niche within your niche!