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This website has one purpose:

to help you Get That Course Online!

I’m Ginette Tessier, founder of GTCO and I help freelance trainers deliver digitally and conquer online courses.

So if you’re a trainer, and you want to add online delivery to your freelance business, you’re in the right place!

The E-Learning market will be worth $325 BILLION by 2025.

If you’re not already in it, you’re going backwards!

How your conversations with clients are going to change over the next few years:

Today: “Oh! You do online as well, do you?”

Very soon: “Do you do online as well?”

Not long after that: “And what do you do online?”

Before you know it: “What do you mean you don’t do online?!”

You can’t afford to be left behind here.

The earlier you get your foot in the online door, the greater your competitive advantage!

“But I already tried – there’s just so much to think about!”

Yep, it’s a learning curve alright!

But that’s where I’m your secret weapon …

I’m a trainer too AND I’ve already found the easiest route for you (it took three years of trial and error).

I can tell you all the things you need to know and do AND all the things you can leave and forget.

I can even get you through building your first online course ready for sales within FIVE DAYS.

So have a look around

Read a bit more, take in some of the information I’ve shared.

Work out whether you’re ready to jump in with both feet …

… or you just want to dip a toe.

And then we’ll get started helping you

Get That Course Online!

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