*and why they don’t stack up!

An excuse left to roam wild quickly turns into a limiting belief – don’t let that happen to you!



“There’s no burning bridge here. I’ve got plenty on and I’m happy with the amount of travel and time away from home I have.”

That’s great to hear! Can you guarantee it’s always going to be this way? What happens when something changes (and you know that it can change in an instant) which means you can’t travel as much, or the clients start to thin out, or something else forces you to rethink?

Wouldn’t you rather be ready with your Plan B before you’re forced to go there to keep the money coming in?

What if you didn’t have to take on every contract or request? What if you could earn the same amount, but with less travel and time away from home?



“I’m savvy and I’ll get to this in my own time. I don’t need to pay someone else to tell me how to put a training course together!”

Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re like me and confident that you can do it all alone without guidance from someone who can pre-warn you of every single pothole in the road ahead. Maybe you don’t need just a little bit of accountability to get something done by a deadline.

Maybe you don’t need the instant support and advice of a community of freelance trainers who’ve found the secrets of creating successful online courses – and are happy to share them with you. Maybe you don’t mind taking a chance on spending your hard-earned cash on something you end up not really needing.

Maybe you already know that you’re great on camera and you know exactly when you should and shouldn’t be on screen. Maybe you’ve already conquered the 18 key differences between face to face and online training …



“I don’t have the technical equipment to record and edit anything; I don’t have a list of willing and eager customers; I don’t have the time to learn everything I need to know and I don’t have the money to spend on any of it either.”

If you have a computer and a smartphone, you’ve already got everything you need to start off with – everything else is just about enhancing your abilities, not preventing you from getting something out there!

Your customers will be dependent on the business model you choose – so if you have existing face to face clients, you could choose to start there. If not, not having an online course up and running doesn’t stop you starting to build a list of potential customers – again, if you have a computer, you can start this today.

I get that money and / or time might be tight – but if you have no time because you’re always working and yet money is still tight after that, then maybe it’s time to consider a different approach to generating your income? A little investment now could go a long way in the future!



“People will pay for face to face training because they get time with a trainer. They won’t pay for an online course because all of this is easily available online for free.”

If you have enough time, and the right method of checking you’re being given good information, yep: you can find anything you want online for free. But most people don’t have enough time to do that – let alone the inclination or knowledge that they’re getting good info – which is why they turn to online courses to package up a neat solution with a bow. And they are willing to pay money for it. In fact, the act of paying infers a superiority to the information given – somehow it’s psychologically seen as ‘better’ if you pay for it.

Just ask the lady who’s made a small fortune selling online courses (yes, multiple different ones) all centred on how to make sourdough bread. You can easily get a recipe for free about that – but that’s not what people want. They want someone to talk them through the process while showing them what they should have at every stage, to be able to ask questions, to have a ‘model’ to copy. *That’s* what online courses deliver over and above any freebies anyone can find.



“My subject matter relies heavily on experiential learning. There’s a lot of group work involved and the exercises I include face to face can’t work online.”

If you were trying to simply deliver exactly the same course just through an online format, then yes, I’d be the first to agree that it won’t work! But online delivery isn’t about taking the same way of explaining something and just popping it into a video.

This trips up a lot of trainers who find it difficult to adjust their thinking about how to use online delivery’s greatest assets to deliver the information in a way that works with these assets, not in spite of them.

It requires us as trainers to go back to basics of our learning objectives and think about alternative ways to reach them. So it will absolutely work, you just need to find the right way to communicate the points!


So now we’ve got those out of the way, now what?!

Well, you can absolutely stick to these if you want to (even though as we’ve seen there’s no real substance to them), OR you can choose to do something to develop your business and give your future self some breathing space!

Why not start by investing in your future through the Finished in Five Challenge? You can choose a timescale for completion to suit your schedule and learning needs and you will have the support and guidance of a freelance trainer who’s been there, done that and knows the fastest way to get you there – without having to waste a ton of money and time!

Think about it – being supported in developing your online course by someone who speaks your language (as opposed to the ten-a-penny ‘entrepreneur’ courses), knows the pitfalls, the shortcuts and the step-by-step process. Someone who has put together a community of freelance trainers delivering digitally and getting ahead of the curve for e-learning. A community that you can join for the duration of your Challenge (and remain in afterwards if you choose). And there’s so much more besides.

You just need to give yourself permission to stop making excuses and start taking action! Sign up for the next Finished in Five Challenge and start your future business today.