Blockers to Finishing Your Online Course

#9 No Support

When life is great, it’s great isn’t it? It’s just that sometimes we could all do with a bit of a helping hand. And when you’re in the middle of trying to work out how to put together an online course, having no support structure in place can be a real blocker to progress.

This isn’t the sort of support that you might get from friends and family (equally important, just different). This is the sort of support that knows exactly where your head is at, knows the pain, frustration and unbelievable rollercoaster that online course creation can be.

Terry Ginette supportive confidenceWho else will know what you mean when you say you can’t get the lighting right, or that the green screen fuzziness won’t go away! Who else would be able to give you a morale boost on the days when you’ve lost a complete set of uploads, or celebrate with you when you get that first, tenth or hundreth sale?

Support – the right kind of support – is invaluable. Even if it’s just having somewhere to go to ask a quick question, that could have taken a good half an hour of Google-sifting. Not having to break your momentum too much by having a good support network saves you both time and money!

I am a huge fan of finding and sticking with groups (particularly online ones in places like Facebook) that you know you can rely on to be there, no matter what. Whether it’s celebrating or commiserating and everything in between, I strongly recommend you find one that works for you, at least for the duration of your first online course build. Here are some tips to filter out an online support group that might be right for you:


It needs to be online course creation based. This might be the most obvious point in the world, but you don’t want to waste time having to give superfluous context to your questions, comments, celebrations and rants!


What sort of welcome have you been given? The group might have a reputation as the best in the world, but your initial welcome will tell you everything you need to know about the overarching group culture.


Have a look at the sort of support and advice given to others. Is it pitched about right for you and where you are on your online course creation path? Or is it too simplistic or too technical?


Take a look at the group rules (if any). Are they lengthy and unwieldy? Are they so long they’re housed off Facebook?! This sort of group can tend to take itself far too seriously and is likely (in my experience) to have way too many self-appointed experts in it who often don’t actually know as much as they make out …


How easy is it to get hold of the group owner? If they are often not around, or the group is mainly moderated by ‘Admins’ this may mean that you will get less support from people who know what they’re doing and more from people who are learning at the same time as you. I’ve seen this work very well where there are trusted ‘coaches’ within the group, and also work very badly where the ‘hosts’ are so hands-off it’s become a bit Wild West!


What other tips do you have for finding the right sort of support structure for online course creation? Share with me: