Blockers to Finishing Your Online Course

#6 Indecisiveness

“I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure” so goes the famous Tommy Cooper line (if you’re too young to remember him, yeah, me too. Honest …). Joking apart, indecisiveness can be a real blocker to achievement with online courses.

It stems from being unsure about the ‘best’ way to proceed, which is really unhelpful as the best way is to actually proceed (i.e. do something rather than nothing). Whether that eventually proves to be a great decision or simply just a decision, there’s nothing in online course creation that can’t be changed at some point!

Jasmine Recommend GinetteAnd yes, there’s the worry about whether you’ll be causing yourself more hassle down the line – I’ve been there and done that. Trust me – there’s very little of what you first produce that you’ll want to keep forever! The important thing is to keep taking those steps forward – no matter how small or large.

Sometimes we are concerned that the grass might be greener elsewhere. If we pick this platform, maybe the other will turn out to be better? If we choose this form of delivery, maybe learners will prefer something else? Perhaps the price is just that bit too high, or did I go too low?

There’s always room to second-guess ourselves, but you will never really know until you actually commit to doing something and finding out! Here are some tips to help you on your way:


Get in a decisive mindset. We make decisions of minor consequence every day, and yet we can tell ourselves we are ‘indecisive’ in the face of all that evidence! How quickly did you get dressed today? Did someone else choose your clothes, or did you? When you last had that cuppa, who chose the timing and the strength of brew? See? Decision-maker! Remembering and thinking about all the decisions you have made so far, will help you be in a mindset to make more decisions.


Plan what you are going to do to help with decision-making. Do you work from research, or a gut reaction? Do you want to write a pros and cons list, or something more creative? The process of planning what you’ll do to help you decide can make the deciding part that much more easy!


Give yourself a decision time-scale. This might vary depending on the research you want to do, but promise yourself that you will make a decision by a certain date and time and stick to that. You can even promise yourself a treat for it (I do talk about treats a lot – because it works!).


Find someone you trust to ask about the various options in front of you. It obviously helps if they know what they’re talking about! That might be me (you can book an appointment here) or someone else – but sometimes the act of talking through the options with another person helps you to make the decision yourself.


Own your decisions. This is about telling yourself that no matter what happens as a result of making a decision, it was the right one at the time (it will always be right because you’ve decided to do something). And even if it turns out to be a poor choice, you have still had that learning. Which as trainers, we know is the important bit, right?


What other tricks do you use in making decisions? Share in the comments: