Finished in Five Challenge

The Quickest Way To Get That Course Online

Whether you’ve never tried or never quite finished, this is how you get there!

What It Is

Finished in Five is a ‘challenge’ programme. This means that it is designed to get you to a very specific place by the end of the challenge.

In this case, the challenge is designed to get you a complete online course finished and ready for sales – even if you’ve never made any attempt to produce one before!

This Challenge can be taken over five days or five months; whatever you choose, the topic areas covered are exactly the same.

The key differences between the days and months options are:

a) the type of course you can produce in the timescale chosen

b) the support you receive

c) the length of access you have to membership benefits (you’re invited to join permanently after graduating)

How It Works

Enrolment opens three times a year and everybody starts on the same date – the challenge dates for 2019 are below. Training is delivered at 11am-12noon on the relevant days and you have access to the replays for the length of your chosen challenge.

Pick which challenge timescale works best for you:  if you just want to get a really good grounding in how the process works, but you aren’t fussed about producing anything special, the five day version is probably best; if you want to produce a ‘flagship’ course, then five months might be better.

Don’t worry though – if you pick one and your needs change you can change at any time and your payments will be pro-rated 🙂

All options get tuition from me via webinars; the five day / week versions are in a group setting, but the five month option gets one-to-one tuition and a certain amount of tailoring of content to suit your business needs.

All Challenge participants get an electronic badge to display as a sign of their commitment to continuous learning.

These challenges are specifically designed to give you the information you need to get an online course up and running and ready for sales and NO MORE. There’s no fluff, nothing superfluous to requirements and I will personally be both a guiding light and ass-kicker to help you stay on track to finish in the timescale you choose!

Topics Covered

Preparation for success

The kit you’ll need

Business model choices

Course type choices

Topic research and selection

Hosting choices

Online learning structure

Delivery options



Added value bonuses

Sales and marketing basics

 Finished in Five DAYS 2019 dates:

Jul 8-12

Nov 11-15


Finished in Five MONTHS dates:

Starts whenever you’re ready!

The only online course creation programme designed specifically

for freelance trainers by a freelance trainer

Compare the benefits and features of each of the Challenges below and then pick your preferred timescale!