Get That Course Online (GTCO) Privacy Policy and You

This page contains everything you need to understand how the GTCO website collects and uses your data, in line with GDPR 2018 regulations (here’s the official infographic from the European Commission as to why all this is required). This is about your right to privacy and the minimum standard of care you should expect from any organisation you entrust your details to (thank you, if that’s you!).

The ultimate goal is to give you a great experience when using this website and any GTCO services, so if your experience is falling short of that, please get in touch!

You can toggle through the information below for the details.


Privacy Notice

You should know that this privacy notice (this whole page of information) is written to cover each interaction you could have on this website. For example, if you:

  1. Simply browse the website and read some information, GTCO will use cookies designed to make your experience better; you may also see some advertising on other websites you visit that is specifically targeted towards you as someone who has visited this website;
  2. Sign up to our weekly best practice email or to receive a specific product or service, the information provided will be used to fulfil your request.

You have choices and rights which may be different depending on how you want to interact with GTCO. These are explained below.

The Information Collected and Where It's From

When you use the GTCO website, the following information is collected via cookies and stored for a maximum of 26 months through the use of Google Analytics:

  • your browser
  • the device you’re using
  • your IP address
  • your location
  • the website you were on before this one
  • which pages you look at
  • in what order you look at pages
  • what website you go to after this one

When you use a social media feature within this website, the social media site may provide us with some information about you. We offer the ability to share GTCO content specifically on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and via email. This sharing ability is provided by a WordPress plugin called Sumo. The Sumo plugin also analyses and provides us with statistics and information about how you have interacted with the GTCO website.

If you sign up to receive information or any product or service provided by the GTCO website, we will store your contact details on our email provider which is Active Campaign. The specific details we hold will always include your first name and email address so we can contact you. Other information stored will be dependent on what information, product or service you have requested. We may apply ‘tags’ to your record to help us understand which information, products or services you have requested, or other information that helps us to better understand how to help you. You can see more about this in the ‘Your Choices and Rights’ toggle below.

Other plugins and tools are used by GTCO and you can see more in the ‘Plugins’ toggle below.

You can see more about GTCO use of cookies in the ‘Cookies’ toggle below.

How Your Information Is Stored and Used

GTCO stores your information electronically only, and mainly through the use of external companies and software. The full list of companies used is available in the Plugins and Processors toggle. We take the security of your information very seriously – please see the Security of Your Information toggle for further details.

GTCO uses your information to:

  • fulfil any request you have made for specific information, a specific product or a specific service
  • send you marketing information about products and services GTCO offers, but only where your consent for this information has been explicitly obtained (see ‘Your Choices and Rights’ toggle below for more)
  • analyse and improve how well the GTCO website delivers a great experience for you
  • detect and prevent unlawful behaviour and to protect or enforce the legal rights of GTCO and the company that owns GTCO
  • pay for ‘retargeting’ advertising on other websites you may visit (this is done through the use of cookies)

GTCO does not share your information with (or sell your information to) any third party, excepting where legally bound.

Your Choices and Rights


  • you can unsubscribe from the weekly emails at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every weekly email sent to you
  • you can stop receiving marketing emails from GTCO by clicking on the ‘opt out of marketing’ link at the bottom of any marketing email sent to you
  • you can opt out of the use of cookies and other tracking tools – please see the ‘Cookies’ toggle below for more
  • you can contact GTCO with any questions you have about your choices and rights at any time


  • you have the right to object to the processing of your data by GTCO
  • you have the right to request a copy of information held by GTCO about you; in most cases, GTCO must supply this for free and within 30 days of your request
  • you have the right to correct, amend or update information supplied to GTCO by you
  • to exercise these rights, please contact GTCO by any method provided in the ‘Who Owns GTCO and Contact information’ toggle below

Cookies are typically little bits of text downloaded to your computer when you interact with a website. Your computer uses this information to remember what you looked at and anywhere where you have set preferences for what you do and don’t want to see.

The word ‘cookies’ is used to cover all technologies that behave in a similar way, such as ‘pixels’ or pixel tags’.

By using the GTCO website, you are consenting to the use of cookies.

There are different types of cookies and you have choices in managing them:

  • Required cookies: ensure that you receive a service requested (without them you may not get what you are expecting).
  • Advertising cookies: to track what you have shown an interest in (this works to both show you more and less of the same type of thing, depending on what you have done e.g. the ideal is to make sure you do not see repeat advertising for something you have already purchased).
  • Analysis cookies: these are used to track and monitor how you are interacting with the website, to ensure that popular information and pages are the easiest to find and that unused, unseen or otherwise less popular information is updated or changed (where legally possible, i.e. this page stays no matter what!).

GTCO uses a cookie consent tool, which is a plugin that provides a ‘pop-up box’ of permission to use cookies when you first visit this website. The pop up box can be dismissed for a period of time (it’s set to one month currently), but if you have enabled a pop-up blocker in your browser, this may not work as intended (the intention is to get your permission to use cookies).

In addition to this tool, most browsers give you a tool to manage cookie preferences: to see how many and which ones are being used, to notify you when a new one is added and to disable some or all cookies altogether. Please note that changing your browser settings might mean the GTCO website doesn’t work as you expect.

Plugins And Processors

GTCO uses plugins to expand the functionality of this website and processors to link various functionality together. For ease of reference, the platform this website is built on and the ‘theme’ used as the template for layout are included here.

As this website and business expands, this list will expand to reflect the plugins and processors being used. The following companies are involved in the provision of the GTCO website and social media presence:

  • Paragon Internet Group (website hosting provider)
  • Automattic (WordPress platform, Akismet anti-spam, JetPack uptime monitoring and basic page view analytics)
  • Elegant Themes (Divi website theme) – note that use of this theme doesn’t process any data, but is included for completeness!
  • Yoast SEO (for search engine optimisation) – note as for Elegant Themes, Yoast do not have access to or process any of your data
  • Sumo (for analytics and contact forms linking to email service)
  • Active Campaign (contact / sign up forms)
  • dfactory (cookie consent tool)
  • Google Analytics (advanced visitor tracking and analysis)
  • Hide YouTube Related Videos (does not allow YouTube to suggest other videos once one has played) – note this does not collect or store your data, it simply allows me to ensure you only see what I’ve uploaded for you!
  • Pixel Your Site (Facebook pixel implementation, which tracks how you go through this website to enable targeted ads to be served to you on Facebook (control these through the Facebook link))
  • Memberpress (to allow you to sign up for services)
  • PayPal (payment processing – done through PayPal, not this website)
  • Stripe (payment processing – done through Stripe, not this website)
  • ManyChat (Facebook messenger ‘bot’, which provides automated communication opportunities and the ability to access your public Facebook information)
  • Brainstorm Force (ConvertPlus) (lead generation plugin: pop up boxes) – note no data stored by them, only processed to add automatically to Active Campaign and sent to me via email
  • LearnDash LMS (to provide the Masterclasses to members and non-members)
  • GamiPress (to offer reward points and prizes to members for completing various activities)
  • Uncanny Owl (adds additional functionality to LearnDash LMS)

First update: May 25, 2018

Last update: June 17, 2018

Security of Your Information

There are security measures in place to protect your information.

Access to the administration area of this website, the associated email list and any other place where your personal data could be accessed by GTCO or its parent company is only through a computer that has Windows 10 Professional encryption enabled. Your information is not downloaded, or kept in hard copy form.

All other information transfer is conducted with companies either operating within the EU (and with GDPR compliant policies in place) or operating outside of the EU, but using:

  • standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission OR
  • EU-US Privacy Shield agreement

The GTCO website is also SSL enabled i.e. it has encryption enabled (shown by the use of ‘https’ in the web address and the green padlock and word ‘Secure’ in the URL or website address bar).

Who Owns GTCO and Contact Information

Get That Course Online / GTCO is a brand owned by Acuitas CTD Ltd.

Acuitas CTD Ltd is a registered private limited company in England and Wales (9348574) wholly owned and operated by Ginette Tessier (so this is GT co. – geddit?!)

Acuitas CTD Ltd is registered with HMRC for VAT (208 6181 15) and is registered as a controller and processor of data with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – registration number: ZA235874

The registered company address for Acuitas CTD Ltd is: 312 Charminster Road, Bournemouth, BH8 9RT

Contact telephone number: 07469 928 252

Contact email:


If you are unsatisfied with how we have handled any request or complaint you have made about our use of your personal data, you can also get in touch with the Information Commissioners’ Office here.