Online Course Creation Bootcamp

October 27-29 2019

All-inclusive residential training, Bournemouth UK


Arrive with your laptop …

… leave with a completed online course ready to sell!


Three reasons to Get That Course Online (hover for more detail)

Stay relevant and competitive

The 2018 UK L&D Benchmarking Survey found that e-learning is now the second most frequently used external training method used by companies and recommends trainers “expand their services to areas such as e-learning, mobile and on-demand to ensure you stay relevant with training buyers and stay competitive with other industry players.”

Train once, sell many

Imagine only having to deliver training once, but then the exact same training can be received by an infinite number of people – without you being there! You can be earning money while you sleep, eat, go on holiday, go shopping, are training elsewhere …

Profit from personal development

How much of your yearly personal development offers you the ability to earn more? Learning how to create online courses requires investment. But the pay off is that you can profit over and over from a single investment! Global online course creation market will be worth $325BN by 2025 and as a freelance trainer, you definitely want to be seeing some of that!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You love what you do as a freelance trainer … but you’d like a bit more flexibility to pick and choose your travel and work commitments

You’d like to include online in your portfolio somehow … but you don’t know where to start

You’ve tried following freebies, videos, blog posts to learn about online … but just when you’re getting somewhere, real life gets in the way

You see many of the online ‘trainers’ selling course creation packages … but somehow they’re just not right for you – too much sales, not enough substance

You’ve already created something of an online product … but it hasn’t sold and you’re not sure why

I hear you!

Hey there! I’m Ginette, the founder of Get That Course Online, inventor of the Online Course Creation Bootcamp, freelance trainer and geek for all things online training.

I have been working with other freelance trainers for a few years now, after I offered to run a webinar showing the results of my experiences when trying to convert my face to face courses into online masterpieces (haha) that would generate steady passive income and basically let me put my feet up for a bit …

Hmm. So much for that idea!

It quickly became clear that there was much more to this online course creation malarky than first appeared and I was both smitten with the possibilities and appalled at the amount of rubbish on the interwebs claiming to be online training!

My mission as a trainer evolved to spread the word about online best practice and help more trainers incorporate online into their business.

There are lots of ways to Get That Course Online and I am really excited to be able to bring you this opportunity to work with me directly, to get your first (or next!) online course up and running and ready for sales through a three-day Bootcamp. You will be immersed in everything you need, to walk away with a genuine, viable and most importantly SELLABLE product!

And by the way (because it’s relevant to how I train), my mantra is:

“If it isn’t fun, why are we doing it?!”

I’m lucky to have worked with lots of freelance trainers. Here’s a selection of reactions to the Bootcamp:

And here’s what you get for your investment:

Inclusions and Timings

Your booking on the Bootcamp includes the cost of all your accommodation and meals from Saturday night arrival, to Tuesday afternoon finish.

Each day we’ll be roughly working to this agenda:

9.15-9.30am: intro to day and set up

9.30am-12.30pm: morning session

1.30-4.30pm: afternoon session

5.30-7: evening session (Sunday and Monday only)

8-9: round up, Q&A, next day prep (Sunday and Monday only)

There will be plenty of opportunities to take short comfort and coffee breaks too!

ADDED EXTRA: One to One Familiarisation Call (September)

An opportunity for you and I to get to know each other and to talk over how I can make this training truly tailored for you. We’ll cover how you see online integrating into your business, what pre-work you need to do for the Bootcamp (this will be specific to your current experience level), what to bring, what to expect and any other questions you might have!

ADDED EXTRA: Group Meet & Greet Call (October)

Get to know your fellow adventurers from the distance of a computer screen, so you’ll see some friendly faces at the Bootcamp from the off. Realise that everyone shares common hopes and concerns (and nerves?!) about the process of course creation. Relax because you know now it really will be rewarding and lots of fun!

Bootcamp Day One (October 27)

We kick off by refining your topic and starting to compile some of the marketing and sales messages you’ll need, through understanding exactly who your audience is and what they’re looking for. Then we’ll look at course structure and how to lay out an online course for maximum effectiveness and engagement. After you’ve got the structure nailed, we’ll turn our attention to supporting documents – slides, downloads and lead magnets. By the end of Day One, you’ll have them finished, ready for Day Two!

Bootcamp Day Two (October 28)

Today we dive on in to the core of our course creation – filming. Whether on camera or not, filming even small lessons can take a lot of time, so today is devoted to getting those core intro and outro videos done, plus all your lessons in between (and if we have time, a bit of editing too). You’ll be mainly working on your own, with scheduled catch-up appointments to make sure you’re on track. We’ll also use all the techniques learnt in the pre-work to make sure procrastination doesn’t take hold!

Bootcamp Day Three (October 29)

Our final day together is all about the ‘ings’: editing, hosting, marketing … and sales … ing. Ok, so this is where we bring it all together, get your brand-new, minty-fresh course uploaded to the host of your choice and get that sales page written, along with your marketing plan. By the time we finish, all you’ll need to do is give people a web address for how to get hold of your newest creation. You can go ahead and be stunned at the amount you’ve managed to achieve in such a short space of time – and the best news is, now it’s done, you can keep selling it over and over and over …

ADDED EXTRA: Free Marketing Opportunity

As part of your package, you also get three months of free advertising on one of my GTCO group sites – the Online Training Index. This is my online course creation best practice site that is currently being updated to showcase some of the best online training available in the UK. It also carries best practice accreditation for course owners. Guess what? Your course created at the Bootcamp automatically qualifies for a best practice ‘sticker’ that you can show off on your sales page to reassure buyers that you take creating effective and engaging online training seriously.


hours of training and support

months of free advertising

accredited online course ready for sales

maximum places available

The individual components of this Bootcamp add up to more than £5,000

 24 combined hours of training and support = £4,150; 3 months of free advertising = £150; course accreditation = £250; filming equipment hire and production = £375; accommodation and meals = £411 = £5,336


Your Investment:

NB: The prices below are exclusively for Trainer Talk Members until 5pm Friday 24 May only!


When is it?

Sunday October 27 9am to Tuesday October 29 4.30pm.

Where is it?

In Bournemouth – the venue is TBC. Our first venue had a good training room, but was lacking in other aspects, so I’m just trying to see if I can find something better for you!

What if I don't have a laptop?

There are many places you can hire a laptop these days. I can provide this service at an extra cost if needed.

What if I fall ill / can't make it after paying?

There are specific terms and conditions to this Bootcamp, however, if you fall ill or are otherwise prevented from attending for reasons beyond your control, I will keep a £500 + VAT deposit PLUS any accommodation or food costs incurred. You can also defer attendance to another date (I am planning more Bootcamps in 2020) as a one-time offer, but you will still need to cover accommodation and food costs incurred for this time as well. I will do my best to ensure there are no accommodation or food costs you need to bear!

Where are the Ts & Cs for this event?

What if I already have a hosting solution?

No problem at all – the skills you will learn at Bootcamp are completely transferable so whether you stay with your current solution or opt for a new one, you will be fine. I have experience of using most of the top solutions, so I can definitely help you work out the technical stuff when we get to it.